The Labor Interest Test (AIT) was developed by MPI Oosterlo, Thomas More Kempen and Volgograd State Technical University. A good match between person and job, where the job matches the interests and possibilities, greatly increases the job satisfaction of people with intellectual disabilities. The AIT has been developed to show interest in certain areas of work without regard to competences.

The AIT was developed as a visual test that can be taken online. The AIT paints a picture of the work areas in which the test subject wants to work or not and provides information that is complementary to other methodologies that gauge labor interest. The user is shown one photo at a time and can then indicate their preference by selecting the red (negative) or green (positive) button. If the user has no opinion about a photo, he / she can skip this photo.

The photos are divided into different work areas (for example: food preparation work, customer-oriented work, administrative work, etc.). After finishing the test, the results show which work areas are preferred by the user.

The aim of the AIT is to regularly screen our target group's interests for work

The AIT is available for organizations that work with people with intellectual disabilities.

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